My Top 7 for December 2009

Christmas season usually brings out the practice of traditions passed on from generation to generation. But as time passes, I think it is inevitable for these traditions to evolve into something slightly different as time goes on. This season prompted me to think through what traditions we, as a new family,  will keep and what new ones need to introduce. The events this memorable December also influenced my top 7 reflecting on the weather, family, friends, and situations.

  1. Snow! and more snow!
  2. Christmas baking (hmmm! the smell of baked goods brings back fond childhood memories!)
  3. A less commercial gift giving ever!
  4. Send out e-cards in addition to mailing it.
  5. Creating new traditions. More time together, less buying.
  6. Paper Christmas tree and origami boxes
  7. Boxing day sales.

I challenge you to create your own version of tradition to pass on to the next generation!