Another successfull Artful Sunday

The Artful Sunday event this year for is a success! Despite the weather being so drizzly and a tad cold, I had a steady stream of people at my tent interested in my wares.  We arrived to set up at a little past 10AM and it was pretty much  non-stop for me talking with people. I managed to do a little bit of painting and showed my process to those who are interested. One of the people who bought a few of my art cards told me that she first saw me last year, missed my art show in Steveston last year and have been wanting to get a hold of me. Voila! Seeing me back at the Artful Sunday on a rainy August Sunday was both our lucky days. It was just a really nice thought that I actually have some fans/patrons. One of the new products I introduced this year are the magnetic bookmarks. Indeed it was my best seller in terms of quantity for this show. Here’s some pictures of my set up for this show.

These are among my best sellers!
Artful Sunday 2010
One of the new displays for my art pendants
My new (ever-evolving) display set up
Looking forward to another show at this Artful Sunday if there is cancellation for August 29 or September 5. I had fun talking to people about my process and my art. Thank you to all those who came by and especially those who supported the local artists.



Artful Sunday, Aug 8 noon to 5PM

I am excited to be a vendor participant for the Artful Sunday event this Sunday August 8th. The Artful Sunday event is every Sunday in August but I am participating only for the August 8th show. This is the poster I created for the event.

Stop by, come and say hi, I have lots of new art pendants, glass gem magnets, silhouette art cards with some never been published before, and some original art. Thank you for supporting local artists.
Artful Sundays (August 8, 15,  22, and 29)
1661 Napier Street, Vancouver, BC
(Napier and Commercial Drive)

Art Trading Cards Show

I attended my very first art trading card show last Saturday night (Feb 27) primarily because I was one of the 50 artists at Carded!It started at 8:00PM and we would have been on time if only I remembered to bring the exact address. By the time we actually found the place, it was close to 8:30PM and the place was packed! I introduced myself to the curators and as they thanked me for submitting they also gave me a stack of my very own trading card. It did not long before someone asked if I have something to trade. Before I long I was trading cards and ended up having 18 different cards from traders and artists! It was a lot of fun. It was also fun to have “fans” request for me to sign my card and talk a little bit about my art. I would have stayed a little longer if I was not feeling unwell due to my allergies and having a cold AND also the fact that my dear husband and (by then sleeping) daughter were waiting in the car for me. Although my husband was not a big fan of the event, he is my greatest fan and supporter, and he came along “just in case I did not have anybody to talk to at the show”. It was also very nice to have a ride home instead of taking transit.

It is always inspiring to meet other artists and their art. I’m looking forward to attending this fantastic event next year and perhaps even submit for their other show, Hot One Inch Action, where they trade buttons instead of art cards. These are great events for artists and art collectors alike or even just for a social event and meet other people who enjoy art. There were even a few kids present and trading cards already!
Here’s a pic of the packed gallery at around 9PM.
Pardon the angle on the picture since I did my best to get the camera as high as possible.
Here’s a pic of the piece I submitted hanging on the wall.
Here’s a close up view.
You can also look at my other silhouette art on my web page. Please feel free to leave a comment if you are so inclined. Check out the Carded! website for all the 50 art trading card entries.

Painting without a brush

Over the months that I have been trying different ways to make art and I found that I enjoyed working on small art, from 3″ x 4″ wood cradles or 3″ x 6″ primed canvas, as long as it is at least 2″ minimum on one side. Perhaps it’s because of being a frugal artist or the lack of space but somehow my min art which usually comes from scraps of canvas, wood or paper turns out well (at least I think so). I’m starting to think, that may be the one of the reasons why I like working on my original art pendants, because it is small in size. Here are a few of those small art I have done recently and over the last few months. You will notice that each one has a different style and that is because these are mostly experiments in colour, medium, material, or style.

This is one of my favourites to date. I used paper towel and a small palette knife to paint this. I did not have a reference for this painting but just whatever came to mind at the time. I was inspired to try this style of painting from a workshop I attended last September.

“Into the Light”
Acrylic painting, 3″ x 6″ canvas
Here’s another one. This is even smaller than the one above. I was experimenting with some leftover green paint and glossy medium. A palette knife was used to create this painting.
“Blue Green Stillness”
Acrylic on raw canvas
It is a great idea to experiment and find your style. Let me know what other experiments you’ve done in your art.