FREE desktop wallpaper calendar for April 2013

This year I have found it useful to have a desktop wallpaper calendar. I find it refreshing to change the wallpaper and have quick access to the month’s calendar keeping my desk free of clutter with a paper calendar. For the last 2 months I have just been using other people’s work and it dawned on me that I could easily do this myself using some of the photos I have taken.

This photo was taken on the coast of Oregon last spring (2012). I find beauty in this simple dried up leaves. I hope you find some enjoyment in this photo as well. Let me know if you would like to have this same image for the month of March and I will post it as well.



My Top 5 for November

November is typically a very gloomy month with not much sunshine and lots of rain. This time, at least for a week, the weather didn’t seem all that bad, with a trip to sunny California. 

1. Traveled solo with my daughter for a trip to California. But having to go through airport security with a sleeping toddler in a stroller, a mommy-bag, a heavy laptop bag was a tad challenging when I was told to wake her up to be checked! Aaargh!
2. California in November … (I certainly welcomed the days when I felt the heat of the sun). 
3. Registered my daughter to preschool. That’s a milestone for me! My little girl is growing up!!!
4. Did my goals list for 2009. 
5. Being away from hubby made our reunion at the airport, so sweet! AND thanks to my loving hubby, I came home to an impeccably clean home, with a new dining light fixture installed plus a lovely poinsetta plant to boot to start off the holiday decor at home. Wonderful!

Sunny contemplation

October whized by and truthfully I have to look at my calendar to see what activities we did. With the busy summer months behind, it seems like there was a tug-of-war between being in business and being a mom. To my daughter’s delight, mom duties prevailed. It is during these times that I reflect on why I wanted to work at home… to be able to spend time with my daughter during the day, go to the aquarium on a weekday, play dates and this time of year, planned a children’s birthday party for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. I made a special castle cake for my little princess and it all went well.

Going into November, it more of the same routine with some freelance work and taking my daughter to her creative movement class. I reflect on how quickly my concerns disappeared, about my daughter’s uncooperative behaviour earlier in class to having a much improved, focused 3 yr old at the end of the session, dancing so expressively. I’m sure there will be many more instances like these in the future.
My contemplative mood carried on to the end of November even with a trip to sunny California. My daughter was a flower girl for a wedding and almost the entire trip was like a never ending play date! We stayed at my brother’s where there were other kids staying there so, needless to say, it was exhausting! We did manage to see one of our play date friends who moved to California. I would really have to rethink any more trips with just me and my daughter. I brought my laptop on this trip and it was well worth lugging it through the airport, with a mommy bag, stroller and an active 3 year old in tow! During some quiet moments at night, I managed to write down my goals for 2009. I’ve kept a number of years of  goals list and even just comparing my list from 2 years ago, wow, what a difference!
December is here and holiday season seem almost like an obstacle course I have to go through to get to the new year, a newer outlook in business, life, on our changing priorities, shifting gears to a different schedule now with Daisy going to preschool in January.  Surely a lot to think about but this is exactly why I write my goals in November. This way, I hope I can be in the moment in December with the holidays, christmas baking, family and all the things and people who really matter. Happy holidays!