My small tribute to Steve Jobs

One of the art forms I create are of silhouette art, so naturally I was compelled to create this small tribute to Steve Jobs.


A dream to reality

After the painting marathon last week, were I did mostly abstracts, I challenged myself to paint something that is real or at least have a reference. 

I had a dream a long time ago. I wanted to capture the beauty of Howe Sound. I have a few photos of that wonderful scenery with the mountains, islands and sea but it was not the spectacular shot I always wanted.  I even dared to entertain the thought of painting such a scenery. Of course I made the attempt long ago and I have proof to show that I was not a good painter at all! I recently came across the aforementioned photo while I was rifling through my photo collection looking for suitable pieces to include in my website. And so with that, I turned a dream into reality. I’m showing here the original watercolour painting and the digitally enhanced version.

I must have been inspired for some reason as I managed to finish this painting and the Twilight Forest (shown on my previous post) while Daisy was in preschool. I worked on the digital enhanced later that evening and was quite pleased with the result. I liked both paintings as each has a different mood and feel. Let me know what you think.

Business not as usual

I believe that things happen for a reason. I received some unpleasant news which changes my entire schedule for the next year. I was so confident about this opportunity (a government sponsored self employment program) that I already put the schedule into my calendar! Unfortunately due to to so many applicants I have to compete with, mine was not chosen. I did not even gave myself time to get angry or sad, just want to do something, pronto! Over the next days after I really had time to think I felt in my heart what I need to do. I’m sure something will come my way which  haven’t even thought about. Whatever it may be, it may really be the way where I should be.

My Top 5 for January

My Top 5 in January includes a few “firsts”.

  1. My daughter’s first day of preschool and the corresponding  milestone she finally achieved on that same day which made me really happy! Those 3 hours while she’s in school is probably the most productive part of my day, besides doing work while she slept at night.
  2. The longest fog days in Vancouver lasted for more than a week! A record I’m sure!
  3. Finally reorganized our living room, bedroom , and storage. The additional bookshelf in the living room helps organize my daughter’s books, toys and art materials. My daughter is thrilled to have her own bed.
  4. Finally joined Facebook (not sure if I’ll regret this one!)
  5. Watched the historic Obama presidential inauguration on TV.