Christmas Tree from an Up-cycled Magazine or Book

This is an eco-friendly Christmas tree of an up-cycled magazine. You can also use a book for this project. This is a beautiful decoration for a tabletop, mantle of even hanging up. It is  a kid-friendly craft project.


Materials you will need:

  • 2 magazines
  • paper scorer (it makes the folding easier on your fingers. I’ve also used plastic gift cards or credit cards ) – optional
  • Glue  or low-temp glue gun (for glueing the 2 magazines together)


  • 5 wine corks
  • spray paint (in your colour choice)

Step 1: Fold the page as shown.

Step-1Step 2: Make the second fold.


Tip: Use a paper scorer to make the scoring easier and to  make crisp folds.

Step 3: Tuck in the bottom piece. To make it easier, fold it first and then tuck in.

Step-3Step 4: Repeat until all pages are done including the cover. You’ve now done half a Christmas tree.

You can use half only if you want to put it against a wall or to create a full tree, do the folds on the second magazine, repeat Steps 1 to 4.

Step 5: Glue both halves together.

Optional: Use a glue gun to put together 5 wine corks. I find that 5 wine corks keeps the tree steady even without glueing it together.


Decorate your tree or leave it as is.  For this tree, I used beads strung on a floral wire (to keep its shape) and wrapped loosely around the tree.


Here’s one I did a few years ago without the base “tree trunk” and spray painted gold. The glittery paint shows up nicer in real life especially if there are lights (christmas lights, lamp, or candle) around it.

magazine-christmas-tree-sprayedI would love to know how others have decorated this type of Christmas tree. Make sure you leave a comment or send a picture! Enjoy!