4 areas in your home to declutter


One does not need to wait for the new year to simplify and streamline things in your home. Here’s a simple list to start decluttering your home and your digital information.

Digital de-cluttering

  1. Update your email subscriptions. Review your subscriptions once a year and unsubscribe to the ones that no longer serve its purpose.
  2. Review and update your digital address/phone book – on your phone and computer.
  3. De-clutter your bookmarks or favourites from your browser(s).
  4. Donate or recycle older electronic devices such as smart phones, printers, scanners, monitors you no longer use. I drop-off unwanted electronics at a depot like Return-it,. they also take recyclable beverage containers and paint containers.
  5. If you have time post on craigslist, kijiji, freecycle  or other similar websites.

Files and Paperwork

  1. Donate things that you no longer use or have not used in a while that don’t have real sentimental value.
    • art and craft supplies
    • unused stationery – donate to a daycare or school
    • board games and toys
  2. Review bank and investment statements that can be shredded. Consider receiving your statements and bills digitally.
  3. Give away, donate, exchange barter books you won’t use a a reference for future or have no plans to read
  4. Recipe clippings, business cards and receipts – scan or discard


  1. Review and discard old cosmetics and brushes
    • Tip: the cosmetics such as lipstick, eyeshadows, lip liner, or eye liners may also be used as art medium. You might be surprised at how much pigmentation you can get using cosmetics on paper or canvas (or whatever substrate you have-time to experiment!)
  2. Properly discard expired medications (OTC or prescriptions). Check this website on how to dispose of medication properly. Ask your local pharmacy if you can bring your expired medication if they. Do not flush it down the toilet or the drain, it has environmental and health repercussions.
  3. Repurpose any “tired looking” towels as rags.
  4. Spruce up colour in the bathroom with newer colour scheme.


  1. Seldom used or unused glassware, plates and bowls – donate to Salvation Army thrift store or if you have time to post in Freecycle in your area or free section on Craigslist
  2. Unexpired foods – donate to your local food bank
  3. Small usable appliances – donate to Habitat for Humanity Restore

Remember you don’t have to do it all at once. Decide on which are you are going to target and do it in one weekend, several weeknights or once a week. The important thing is to just do it. Good luck and keep doing.

Tip: Choose one area per season to make it less daunting.


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