Balcony Mystery Squash

Mystery squash
A mystery squash started growing in my balcony amongst my geraniums! It was a nice surprise when I found that there was a foot tall squash plant growing amongst the red geraniums. I did not even notice this plant growing with the densely potted container. Instead of pulling it out, I kept it to see how far it will grow. As shown in these pictures, it  grew quickly. We figured it may be a zucchini plant since we used compost soil to this container. It was exciting to see it grew so quickly. I quick research and I learned that are both male and female blooms from the same plant. Usually the bees do the job of polinating but this one needed a helping hand, it was hand-pollinated. I also found that you can eat the squash blooms. We we cooked it  two ways, one was pan-fried battered squash blooms and the other was with an omelet.

You can see from the picture the progression from a bloom to about 14″ in circumference. I’m still not sure what type of squash this is but my guess is a Kabocha squash. What do you think?

How’s this for vegetable gardening in the city? Mystery squash plant


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