DIY hack for missing popsicle handles – Substitute plastic spoons

popsicle mould

Popsicle mould with handles substituted with plastic spoons.

How many times have you bought popsicle moulds only to have the handle break off or have gone missing? In a pinch, I used plastic spoons inserted into the mould. Voila! You can make use of the whole popsicle mould again! It is best to use sturdy plastic spoons or the little spoons you get when you try some ice cream.

This popsicle recipe is full of fruit goodness. This recipe is not exact which makes it easy to adjust to whatever you have on hand. This recipe can be used as a smoothie (almost like a mango lassi) and is great to make into sugar-free popsicles.

  • mango pulp (from really ripe mango)
  • fruit juice (approximately 1 cup)
  • 2 dollops of vanilla yogurt
  • banana (for extra creaminess) – choose very ripe bananas for extra sweetness

Blend until the mango fibres are blended together. It will have a thick consistency. Pour or spoon into popsicle moulds. If you have extra, add ice and make it into a refreshing smoothie! Enjoy!

popsicle moult

Substitute plastic spoons as popsicle handles.


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